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“The treadmill saver is a no-brainer for anyone who operates treads. Since installing these great little devices in my clubs I’ve had zero down time and I’m saving money every day. I love ‘em and thoroughly recommend them!”

- Ron Hemelgarn

“The treadmill saver is a must have for anyone with a treadmill; I simply cannot afford to run my clubs without them.”

- David Laird,
CEO at Blast Fitness

“The treadmill saver has been a fantastic product for us, simply because it provides us with a visual check engine light for our treadmills. It also helps to keep our repair techs accountable while performing their routine maintenance checks during each of their visits.”

- Chasen S Booher,
Fitness & Wellness Director at Lawrence Family JCC

“We have been using the treadmill savers on 10 of our new treadmills in our facility for a few months. They are easy to hook up and reseting them after 150 hours of use and a PM couldn’t be simpler. Our members like that we are monitoring our energy consumption and preserving the life of our new treadmills.”

- Debra Steinberg,
Fitness and Recreation Coordinator at Siegel JCC

“Since installation of treadmill savers at our corporate location six months ago, we have never had a treadmill go down, placed an out of order sign on a machine and we have not had to replace any parts other than belts!””

- Freddie,
Head Technician at Spectrum Athletic Club

“Since implementation of treadmill saver® and the gymTOOLKIT® a year ago, we have been able to address service issues before they become a problem. The ease of use of the visual alert system on each treadmill has turned my staff from having to react to broken-down equipment to pro-actively practicing preventive maintenance, which is a snap especially with the gymTOOLKIT.
The end result, since installing treadmill saver:
– We are using half the electricity to operate our treadmills
– We have eliminated breakdowns completely
– We have not had to replace a single part on any of our treadmills
– We have not had a single treadmill out of service since installing treadmill saver
I could not be happier with this product. It saves electricity, preserves the treadmills and provides a reliable, safe piece of equipment for our service men and women. Simply put your products ROCK!”

- Ken Hack
Fitness & Sports Director
Joint Base, Fort Sam Houston

“The treadmill saver is exactly that… a device that saves treadmills! The treadmill saver could save club owners thousands of dollars per year. It is incredibly easy to install, is built with solid construction and is visually informative. This is a “must have” for all club owners. In short, this has to be one of the best inventions over the past ten years to give club owners a heads up on what is going on with their preventative maintenance programs.”

- Brett Athey
President of Glide Fitness

“Maximizing return on investment and preservation versus replacement of equipment while keeping the highest quality and safety available to our active military members is the purpose of the treadmill saver,”

- Scott Snow
Commander U.S. Navy (ret) and Director of Operations,
Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, home of TopGun, Strike, CAEWWS and SWTI weapons schools

“One of our mottos at Noritsu is, ‘Let us take care of your equipment, so you can take care of your business’. The treadmill saver is one of those unique tools that comes along every so often that will enable Noritsu field technicians to do their jobs more precisely and ultimately save our customers time and money.”

- Mike Walters
Business Development Manager at Noritsu

“The gymTOOLKIT is an essential and practical piece of equipment for any professional fitness facility. It helps us minimize equipment downtime and maximize the life of our existing fitness equipment, both of which are crucial to building brand equity and increasing operational efficiencies.”

- Henry Dabish
CEO of Powerhouse Gyms International

“We owe it to ourselves and our country to utilize best practices in keeping our equipment up to speed in support of our fighting forces. The gymTOOLKIT allows the U.S. Armed Forces to effectively administer the military’s Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) protocol to increase fitness machine availability and maximize their life cycle of service.”

- Scott Snow
Commander U.S. Navy (ret) and Director of Operations,
Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, home of TopGun, Strike, CAEWWS and SWTI weapons schools

“As a fitness equipment rental company, we must maintain the fitness machines for our hotel, corporate, apartment and residential community as part of our agreements with customers. Without the treadmill saver, our company would have to guess when to do preventive maintenance, resulting in unintended neglect which becomes very expensive for Rent Fit and inconvenient for our customers. The treadmill saver is essential to our business and increases our bottom line!”

- Steve Paterson
Director of Rent Fitness Equipment Company

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