Military and Federal Government


The Green Fitness Equipment Co has an exceptional track record with several military divisions and multiple government entities providing fitness related products and services with “white glove service”.

Our team believes in supporting our troops and hard-working government staff through the innovation of fitness products that will keep them strong and in the best condition to serve our country.

We offer specialized government pricing and other considerations to accommodate the specific needs of military and government branches. Make Green Fitness Equipment Company your single source provider of industry-specific preventative maintenance fitness solutions.

“The treadmill saver makes me aware of the condition of the treadmills in the fitness center with just a glance. The glowing light on the treadmill saver tells me exactly which machines are operating at peak performance (green); need service (yellow); or need repair (red). The treadmill saver prevents expensive damage from occurring on our treadmills. The treadmill saver is the key to employing preventative maintenance protocol, maximizing the life cycle and saving hundreds of dollars in electricity usage each year. Just today I opened the facility and while turning on the machines I noticed a treadmill saver had turned yellow. I filled out our maintenance form and dropped it off with our maintenance technician!”

- Ken Hack
Fitness Director at Fort Sam Houston

“Naval Base San Diego installed several treadmill energy savers on their treadmills with favorable results. The treadmill savers identify machines that are using excess electricity due to various maintenance requirements. By identifying a maintenance need prior to the machine actually breaking down, machines can be repaired prior to being taken out of service!”

- Dave Young
Regional MWR Program Manager at Navy Region Southwest MWR

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