Roll Out the Right Tools

The gymTOOLKIT® is a compact and versatile mobile repair shop enabling you to perform preventive maintenance to cardio and strength equipment on the spot, regardless of the manufacturer…

Reduce Operational Costs

Preventive maintenance increases member retention and use satisfaction, by lowering costs, service calls, energy usage, liability and warranty claims.

Clean, Compact, Convenient

Every tool needed in a durable and mobile toolbox with custom foam inserts to keep your tools organized. Grab one tool, take a complete drawer or roll the entire gymTOOLKIT onto your workout floor to fix machines with ease.

Multiple Resources Available 24/7

Technical support hotline, manufacturer contact handbook, online videos and tutorials.

Check out Gymbo’s latest adventures
in preventive maintenance.
Quality American Made Tools

Over 200 American made fitness equipment specific tools, easy-to-use power and manual:

• Maintain strength equipment
• Service treadmills, ellipticals and other cardio
• Tune and adjust spin bikes
• General facility up-keep
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