Gymbo’s Maintenance Tips: Treadmill Quarterly Maintenance.

Published: December 12, 2013, No comments

Quarterly Treadmill Maintenance
On top of the daily, weekly and monthly treadmill maintenance protocols the following should be completed every quarter.

Wax the treadmill deck and belt. Every treadmill maker has a different way to wax the treadmill belt and deck. But most require some type of lubrication. The use of a “treadmill saver®” will alert you every 150hours that it is time for a preventive maintenance — including a cleaning and lubrication.

  • Star Trac Treadmill Maintenance: White powder wax can be purchased through Glide Fitness. To apply the wax, lift the belt and sprinkle about a teaspoon in the front middle and back. Do this on both sides of the treadmill. Then blow the wax around the deck. Wipe off the excess wax along the sides of the treadmill and then walk on the treadmill for 1 minute.
  • Landice, Quinton, Nordic Track, Precor: Deck Lube that can be purchased through Glide Fitness. Should be applied under the belt coating the entire deck.
  • Some treadmills have solid wood decks that have wax baked onto them. These treadmills are required to have a dry deck lube sprayed on. This will slow the wear process. When they do become worn they may be able to have a second coat applied onto them by a fitness or service technician; or they may need to be replaced.
  • Life Fitness treadmills have a self-waxing system that does not require a manual wax. However it is imperative that the wax nozzles are checked for clogs and cleaned every week.
  • You should check the wax level on Life Fitness treadmills every quarter if at any time it falls below 20%, purchase a refill kit.

About the treadmill saver®
The treadmill saver helps reduce costs associated with: excessive energy consumption, expensive breakdowns, unintentional neglect, costly service calls, equipment failure, premature wear of parts, early replacement of the treadmill, and user injuries, as well as supporting the maximum return on your investment and increased member retention.

Utilizing an eco-smart lighted warning system the treadmill saver alerts when maintenance or repairs are needed. Much like a traffic light, the treadmill saver shines green, yellow and red to inform you when the treadmill needs various levels of attention.

About the gymTOOLKIT
The gymTOOLKIT® is a compact and versatile mobile repair shop enabling you to preventatively maintain cardio and strength equipment on the spot, regardless of the manufacturer. The gymTOOLKIT contains every tool you will ever need to diagnose, repair and maintain any brand of fitness equipment.


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