Gymbo’s Maintenance Tips: Life Fitness Wax Bags Inspection and Replacement

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Checking and replacing Life Fitness Wax Bags
All treadmills require regular preventive maintenance, including cleaning, and in some cases an application of belt lubricant to reduce friction between the belt and the treadmill’s deck. These instructions are for a how to change the wax bag for Life Fitness’s automatic waxing system. Please refer to your owner’s manual for additional information, or locate your treadmill’s manual using our online fitness equipment user manual library.

Gymbo’s first recommendation is to ensure that the wax nozzle that disperses the wax is not clogged! This is a very common occurrence and results in the rapid increase of friction between the belt and deck that causes the motor to use more electricity (to overcome the friction) that generates excessive heat that cooks your electronics! Note: A clogged wax nozzle will reduce the life span of the running belt and deck dramatically.

Checking the Life Fitness treadmills wax nozzle is clean.
Slide your hand between the deck and running board closest to the floor. The wax nozzle is in the middle of the treadmill and is a small metal object. Wipe this piece down. If there is an accumulation of wax on the nozzle break it off and clean the nozzle. If you find a treadmill with excessive wax on a wax nozzle take the serial number of the treadmill and report it to your fitness equipment repair service company to ensure that it is not clogged.

By all means check the wax level in the computer – but don’t trust it!
Step 1 — Hold the pause key down on the console, and push the clear button twice. The screen will go into the “Service Menu”.
Step 2 — Use the arrow keys to scroll to “Wax Motor Info” then press enter.
Step 3 — The system will automatically scroll through the information. Search for “Waxer – XX/100 full.” Where the “XX” is the number telling you the percentage left.
Step 4 — After you have written down the total amount, you can then press clear until the system returns back to normal operating mode.

Physically checking the wax bag.
Step 1 — Turn the treadmill power OFF at the on/off switch and then unplug the unit from the electrical outlet.
Step 2 — Remove the two screws securing the wax bag access panel located on the user left side of the unit, remove the wax bag access panel, and set it aside.
Step 3 — You will see the wax bag in the panel. You can now determine how much wax is in the bag, and if it needs to be changed. If you determine the wax bag is still full, put the cover back on, plug in the treadmill and turn the power back on. If the wax bag is almost empty or completely empty, now is the time to change it.

Replacing the wax bag.
Step 1 — Engage the hose clamp onto the used wax bag hose.
Step 2 — Remove the two wing nuts located just inside the access hole.
Step 3 — Lift the used wax bag from the two wing nuts studs. Slide the wax bag out of its protective liner, discard the used wax bag.
Step 4 — Install the new wax bag exactly how the old wax bag was placed inside the unit.
Step 5 — Install the two wing nuts and attached the hose to the wax pump.
Step 6 — Disengage the hose clamp on the new wax bag.
Step 7 — Install the access panel with the two Philips head screws. At this time, the new wax bag is installed. Then plug the treadmill into the outlet and turn the power switch on.
Now that the wax bag is installed, you have to input that information into the treadmill’s computer.
Step 8 — While pressing and holding the pause button, press the clear button twice – on the second time, hold the clear button down. The screen with read “Service Menu.”
Step 9 — Scroll using any up or down arrow until you see “Maintenance.” Press enter.
Step 10 — The system will automatically scroll through the available options. When the screen reads “Refill Waxer System” press Enter. The screen will display “repair logged.”
Step 11 — Now the computer will have the information programmed that you replaced the wax. To verify that this was performed properly, follow the instructions under Check the wax level in the computer. If the wax level reads 100/100, then you know it has been properly inputted into the computer.
Step 12 — Press the clear button 3 times to exit the service menu. You are now finished changing the wax bag.

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