Gymbo’s Maintenance Tips: Battery Testing

Published: December 5, 2013, No comments

Do you have a cordless piece of equipment that does not work anymore? If so chances are the battery may need to be replaced. These instructions are for a 3-cell 6-volt bat­tery most commonly found in most types of fitness equipment. Please refer to your owner’s manual for the proper voltage for your battery. Here is how to test the battery and replace it.

• If the battery reads 6-Volts or more than your problem lies with something else.
• In most areas throughout the United States, law requires you to properly dispose of these types of batteries. Make sure to look up regarding local battery disposal in your area.
• Most manufacturers use a 3-cell 6-volt battery. However, StairMaster and Precor DO NOT use this type of battery. Please our online fitness equipment user manual library to help you identify the correct battery.

Step 1
Refer to your owner’s manual on the location of the battery. If you need help locating the battery e-reference our online fitness equipment user manual library to help you locate your battery.

Step 2
Remove the covers from the unit where the battery is located.

Step 3
Using your digital multi-meter put each prong on one side of the battery. The metal tips on the prongs must be touching the two metal positive and negative terminals coming out of the battery.

  • If the multi-meter reads less than 6-Volts, than it could be that the battery is causing your problem.
  • If the battery is low or has completely lost it charge than remove that battery. Detach the battery completely from the unit and remove it.

Step 4
Install the new battery and attach the wires to the positive and negative terminals as they were installed before you removed the old battery. 

Step 5
Test the unit. If the unit is now functional, install the covers and the repair has been completed. If the unit is not working, test the battery with your multi-meter to make sure it still has sufficient power. Sometimes even new batteries that have not been used go bad. Make sure the wires are connected to the terminals properly. After you are sure the battery has power and the wiring is attached properly, test the unit again.

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