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Q. Can I use my treadmill saver for more than one treadmill?

A. The treadmill saver has a smart data collection protocol that prevents false readings by averaging data over time of actual use. The treadmill saver can only measure the treadmill it is directly connected to and therefore can only monitor one treadmill full-time.

Q. Do I need to maintain my treadmill saver and if so, how?

A. The treadmill saver requires basic visual maintenance. Keep the unit clean, away from water, away of being stepped upon and from other potential hazards that might cause damage.

Q. How long will the treadmill saver last?

A. The treadmill saver will last longer than your treadmill.

Q. I’ve misplaced my treadmill saver multi-tool, how can I get another one?

A. No problem, you can order replacement multi-tools directly through the Green Fit Co. Online Store or call us at (855) 496-9665 ext. 1 and we'll be glad to support you in getting a replacement.

Q. My treadmill saver is flashing green, what do I do?

A. The treadmill saver features an internal usage counter that measures 150 hours of actual treadmill usage. Once 150 hours have been counted, the treadmill saver will flash green, alerting that a general preventive maintenance service is needed. Please use preventive maintenance protocols per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once preventive maintenance has been performed, reset the internal counter (see usage counter video). For tips on proper cleaning and preventive maintenance, please refer to our "Gymbo's Gymflix" section of our website.

Q. My treadmill saver is flashing yellow and red, what do I do?

A. If your treadmill saver is flashing yellow and red alternately, then the yellow set point (alert level 1) is set at a higher level than the red set point (alert level 2). Simply remove the bottom cover using the supplied multi-tool and adjust the set points ensuring that the yellow is set at a lower numerical value than the red set point.

Q. What do the numbers mean on a treadmill amp draw test?

A. The treadmill saver has a red “Live Current Loop” that enables you to safely measure the electrical draw of a treadmill without removing any treadmill panels.

Using your “TRUE-RMS” clamp meter, clamp the meter around the “Live Current Loop” and run the treadmill at 3.5 MPH with no one on the machine. If the motor and drive system are healthy, you should see amp readings around 2–3 amps. If the condition between the belt and deck are good, an average size person, around 200 lbs, walking on the treadmill at 3.5 MPH should generate amp readings around 4–6 amps.

The readings will fluctuate more with someone on the treadmill but you are looking for an average reading. If your “TRUE-RMS” clamp meter displays amp spikes above 10 amps you have an underlying issue that requires attention. If the amp readings are high without someone on the treadmill, you could have a problem with high resistance in the motor, a bad bearing, or over-tightened belts. If the amp readings are within the normal range without a load, but high with a load this can indicate a worn belt and/or deck.

Q. What is a secure sleeve?

A. In most gyms the treadmill saver is always being repositioned during cleaning and preventive maintenance. The secure sleeve tightens the connections between the treadmill saver and the adapter cable increasing the withdrawal force to over 20 lbs. This ensures a tight connection that aids in the reduction of potential arcing. The black tabs help ease the removal of the adapter cable from the treadmill saver when needed.

Q. What is TRUE-RMS measurement protocol?

A. Troubleshooting treadmill loads with electronic components can be difficult if you do not have the right tools. New solid state components often conduct sinusoidal (distorted) or non-linear loads. In other words, the current is drawn in short pulses rather than the smooth waves drawn by a standard induction motor, meaning the shape of the "current" wave can have a drastic effect on an amperage reading. Basically, there are two types of current clamps commonly available: “Average Responding” and “True RMS.” The average responding meters are widely used and cost less. They give a correct reading for linear loads such as standard induction motors. But when loads are non-linear, as is true with a treadmill motor, the “average responding meters” typically read as much as +/-3 amps. The treadmill saver’s internal circuitry functions on “True RMS” measurement. This ensures that the treadmill saver is reading the true amperage being pulled by the treadmill, which in turn ensures that the well-being of your fitness equipment is being monitored accurately. Please note; when using the “Live Current Loop,” the advanced diagnostic feature on the treadmill saver please ensure you are using a True RMS amp clamp meter such as the one provided in the gymTOOLKIT.

Q. Where should I place my treadmill saver for best use?

A. There is no one better place than another, just make sure it is not in a line of foot traffic and that the treadmill saver illumination is visible.

Q. Will the treadmill saver actually tell me what is wrong with my treadmill?

A. Amperage is the primary precursor to the majority of treadmill issues. By measuring amps we know the health of the treadmill so the treadmill saver will alert you that the treadmill is drawing more current or has passed 150 hours of use. For more diagnostic solutions, please refer to our "Gymbo's Gymflix" section of our website.

Q. Will the treadmill saver work on any type of treadmill?

A. Yes, the treadmill saver will work on any treadmill, anywhere in the world.


Q. Can I buy the tool box separately, or just the tools themselves?

A. Sorry, the gymTOOLKIT is sold as a comprehensive kit.

Q. Can I get a list of the specific tools included in the gymTOOLKIT?

A. We do not disclose the tool list, but inside the gymTOOLKIT is every tool needed to maintain your fitness equipment from any manufacturer regardless of whether it is a cardio unit or a strength machine.

Q. Does it come with any spare parts?

A. The gymTOOLKIT is designed to be a tool kit for maintenance and repair. However, there is space inside the gymTOOLKIT to store basic parts that you can purchase directly from Glide Fitness or from the manufacturers directly.

Q. How do I fix the machines that I have?

A. Please refer to our "Gymbo's Gymflix" for fitness machine preventive maintenance, diagnostics and repair tips.

Q. How do I replace a specific tool that I lost?

A. No problem, please call us at (855) 496-9665 ext. 1 and we'll be glad to support you in getting a replacement.

Q. I live outside the U.S., will the GTK work for me?

A. Absolutely, the gymTOOLKIT comes with all the tools in both standard and metric configurations.

Q. What are the dimensions and weight of the gymTOOLKIT?

A. The overall dimensions are 18"(h) x 24"(w) x 15"(d), and the weight is 90lbs.

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