Energy Savings Calculator

Use the below Energy Savings Calculator below to estimate how much money you could be saving in reduced electricity by using the treadmill saver®. The below calculator pulls from the published 2012 EIA electricity rates tables.
How old are your treadmills?
What type of use do your treadmills get?
How many hours of use do your treadmills get, per day?
How many treadmills do you have?
What state do you live in?
Your Estimated Daily Energy Savings Per Treadmill
Your Total Estimated Annual Energy Savings

treadmill saver can save between $300 - $400 in electicity per treadmill per year.1
treadmill saver can double the purchase cycle saving $1,250 per treadmill per year.2

1. Based on a study of 200 treadmills that averaged 13 amps, running 8 hours a day, at a cost of 19¢ per k/wh
2. Based on regular preventive maintenance every 150 hours, a treadmill purchase cycle of every 4 years, at a cost of $5,000

Treadmill Energy Comparison Report

This Energy Consumption Analysis report, commissioned by Life Fitness through UL certified testing lab Intertek, shows the actual amount of electricity required to operate Life Fitness, Precor Technogym, Matrix, and Star Trac treadmills at various speeds by a 220lbs user.

Download Life Fitness’s Industry Energy Consumption Analysis.

– Electricity rates are generated dynamically from the published 2012 EIA electricity rates tables.
– Source: EIA “Monthly Electric Sales and Revenue Report with State Distribution.”
– The conversion of Watts to Amps assumes a consistant 120 Volts.
– The conversion of Watts to Amps at xed voltage is governed by the equation Amps = Watts/Volts

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